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Life is full of responsibilities. How often do you take time out for yourself? How often do you put something into your calendar that is yours that won’t be changed because you are finally ready to make yourself a priority?

I value your time and want you to get the most out of your visits. Initially, we will discuss your needs in person. Then we can discuss what way of communicating works best for you. 

Don't struggle alone, reach out for support


Asking for support, is a step toward growth. We ask for support in preparing our taxes or fixing our car, yet when it comes to our relationships, our self-esteem, our coping skills, we as a society think we shouldn’t ask for support. I believe it is much healthier to think of counseling as a tool that can help every person become their best selves at a time in their life when they need it the most.


Getting to know you and your situation is where we will start. The therapeutic approaches used will be based on your needs. Some of the therapeutic approaches used are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Positive Therapy. The goal is to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Connection is based upon how you and your needs match the therapist’s personality, knowledge and expertise. You bring hope that therapy can create change, faith that you will have the fortitude to do the work and trust that your therapist is the one to help you through this. The better the connection between client and therapist, the better the results.

Infant Safe Sleep

For me, deciding whether or not to learn about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was not an option, it was a necessity. My daughter Jenelle died of SIDS during a nap  on March 1, 1993 while in daycare. I had heard about SIDS but had no idea how a baby as healthy as mine...

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Happily Ever After on a Daily Basis

How did we get where we are today? We got here because of the gazillions of choices we made. We are living where we have chosen, work where we have chosen, doing hobbies that we have chosen and loving with whom we have chosen. We said yes to friends that fit us well,...

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A Different Way to Look at Therapy

We have all heard of wellness but is emotional wellness even on your radar? According to the University of California Riverside, emotional wellness means being aware of your thoughts and feelings, having a positive outlook, being able to express your feelings, seek...

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Jeri has been a really special person in our life.

You have made a difference in our lives and we are grateful.

My new normal

Jeri has helped me learn about my grief and how I can take steps to make my life meaningful again. I am being taught how to live my new normal and be the best me I can be.