How did we get where we are today? We got here because of the gazillions of choices we made. We are living where we have chosen, work where we have chosen, doing hobbies that we have chosen and loving with whom we have chosen. We said yes to friends that fit us well, and no to salads. We got here by saying either yes or no. So if you are at a place in your life of contentment, thank yourself. That’s right, pat yourself on the back. Acknowledge that you chose well. If you feel like your life is falling apart, it might be time to set about changing some, or all of the decisions you have made.

The frustrating thing for me about decisions is that we don’t know what the outcome will be. I will always have a special place in my heart for the movie LA Story with Steve Martin. Yes, it’s fun because Steve Martin is in it but also because the billboards on the freeways send him messages about his life. Wouldn’t that be awesome if billboards had a specific message to us about which choice was in our best interest? Should I take this job offer? Sign says: “Oh hell no!! Girl this place is a dysfunctional nightmare! You will work there for a year and never once feel like you are part of the team. Your new ‘boss’ will need a cattle prod to complement you, let alone acknowledge you work at the company and all the staff, nice as they are, are basically from a different planet. No girl! Do not take this job!”

Great advice but would I have chosen to listen? I remember other choices in my life where a few people gave me a ‘head’s up’ about something they thought I should do, or not do, and I totally ignored their input. Yes, mom, it was you….So even if we are given input and accurate billboard wisdom, would we take it? Or would we just stumble on ahead hoping for the best and then complain when things don’t turn out as we planned?

I say that the healthiest way to live is by living happily ever after on a daily basis. Like blogger Emily P. Freeman suggests, it is important to take inventory of our lives every few months. She suggests making a list of “What we have learned” to evaluate what we believe in and value to help guide us in making better choices in the future. I would also add that evaluating what we have learned can give us the opportunity to see where we need to make changes. If you don’t like your job, it’s time to honor your desire for a change and give yourself permission to make another choice. But remember, be gentle with yourself. This is not the time to beat yourself up for choosing the “wrong” job. Rather, consider what you learned from working at that job, or what it gave to you that you needed. No regrets, no blame. Then move on to decide your next choice. Gather your information, your choices, and possible outcomes and then chose. You make the decision and then you make it the right decision. Being happy with what you have chosen, until you are not and need to make another choice. No regrets.